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Tate St Ives

There are many places in St Ives to explore while you are visiting, something to keep everyone interested and many facts to learn about the local area. Tate St Ives is a wonderful place to visit while you are here, there are some amazing pieces of art to see and they provide a real insight into why artists have been coming to St Ives for such a long time to draw inspiration from it.

St Ives has been drawing artists, writers, poets and many other creative people to the town for many hundreds of years and St Ives has held the key for these people to create some of their most famous work. Much of this work is now shown in Tate St Ives as a constant reminder showing the immense creativity that St Ives has produced over the years.

There is always some thing going on at Tate St Ives. A new exhibit that is not to be missed by an artist that sees the world slightly differently than any one else, the colours and interesting ways that these artists show their love for the world and many other subjects are just one of the many reasons why you should visit Tate St Ives during your stay.

There are new exhibitions happening all the time at Tate St Ives as well as many long standing exhibits that are always a joy to see. If you are wanting to draw some inspiration from famous artists then Tate St Ives will provide you with the chance to do just that.