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National Maritime Museum Cornwall

Whether you are into the long history of boats or would like to see history coming back to life once more, the National Maritime Museum in Cornwall is a day out that you will love. There is a lot going on with the museum to satisfy all tastes in history and the museum gives a wonderful insight into the history of boat building and the boats they have on display.

The museum has always worked hard to make their exhibits engaging to their visitors. It has collected and researched important information about our maritime heritage and aims to provide enjoyment to young and old who would like to learn about this very important part of our history. The part of history that allowed us to explore the globe like never before. This part of history actually began the world we know today and so it is a crucial part of our heritage that the National Maritime Museum has worked hard to document over the years.

There are many exhibits in the museum that provide a wealth of information to visitors. The beauty of the boats on display is simply stunning and everyone who goes will enjoy the exhibits and learn a lot about maritime history.

The museum also works closely with individuals and organisations around the world to help them find out information about boats and ships from a by gone era as well as doing restoration work.

National Maritime Museum in Cornwall is actually a charity and works very hard throughout the year to keep the maritime history alive and well. If you have an interest in history then this one is not to be missed. It is great for the kids and everyone who goes will come away with some juicy facts.