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Hotel in Cornwall: St Ives Local History

Both the Regent and St Ives has a very interesting history, St Ives has been around since 5th century and we would say that the first people who settled here loved the views just as much as we do today.

St Ives throughout history has been known famously for it fishing and huge wealth of artists who came here to draw inspiration from the wonderful views, although the fishing has mainly died down here now you can still see some local fishermen hauling in their catch at the harbour right out of your bedroom window.

St Ives still plays host to a wealth of artist who come and draw inspiration from the town, the view has been painted hundreds if not thousands of times over the years and still provides inspiration to poets, writers, artists and many other creative people to this day.

The Regent Hotel has a history which much like St Ives is based around the fishing here, the Regent use to belong to a sea captain who had the building built so he could look out upon the harbour during the days he wasn’t at sea. He loved the sea and the view of the harbour and you can see why!

Since 1926 the building has been the Regent Hotel and the Varnals family has owned it for over 30 years now and are still in love with the view as much as they were the first time they saw it. St Ives and the Regent Hotel offer something magical to all who come and stay, we have guests who come back each year to experience the peace and quiet the hotel has to offer and the beautiful little secrets that are hidden away in the narrow streets of St Ives.

B and B St Ives

If you would like any more information about St Ives or the Regent Hotel do feel free to get in touch, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have and we very much look forward to seeing you soon.