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Hotel in St Ives: Local Attractions

There is lots to see and do in St Ives even though it is a very relaxed town and you will feel relaxed while you are here, you can explore the wonderful town and get a taste of its history at the leisurely pace that the town and the locals operate at.

St Ives got its name in the 5th century and since the medieval times it has been an important fishing town in Cornwall, fishing allowed the villagers to survive and trade with other people and thus in this way a town was born, the fishing bought people in and the atmosphere convinced them to stay.

Since the fishing trade has died down quite a lot in St Ives it is now known more for bringing artists and writers in to its breast and giving them inspiration, the views and the town itself offer a relaxed lifestyle which not many other places in the world can offer.

Bed and Breakfast in St Ives

You can still see the local fisherman carrying on the traditions which made St Ives the place it is and you can also visit local art galleries or the Tate gallery which offers work of local artists as well. You can see St Ives through local eyes.

St Ives has lots of little narrow streets with treasure hiding behind each corner, you can enjoy a coffee in a local café or brilliant meal in a local restaurant or maybe even a locally brewed cider in one of the pubs or taverns, St Ives has a lot to offer and you can escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and go at your own pace.

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