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Barbara Hepworth Museum and Sculpture Garden

The Barbara Hepworth Museum and Sculpture Garden offers a fantastic insight into the life and mind of the world famous artist, Barbara Hepworth. Barbara Hepworth first came to Cornwall with her husband and their young family at the outbreak of war in 1939. She lived and worked in a studio called Trewyn Studio which is now the museum of her work. The museum is very special because you actually get to see the pieces in the home and studio that inspired her to create them and where they were created.

The visit promises to be a very unique trip. You will be able to explore the space she used and there is some truly beautiful sculptures in stone, bronze and wood on display in the museum. You can also walk through the sculpture garden along with drawings, paintings and archive materials showing her process and also where she drew inspiration for her pieces.

Barbara lived in the house and studio from 1949 until her death in 1975 and used it to created some of her best work which made her known as one of Britain's most important twentieth century artists. The sculptures in the garden were laid out by Barbara herself, with help from a friend. They are presented in the environment that they were created for and this only adds to the experience.

The Barbara Hepworth Museum and Sculpture Garden is a must for anyone interested in art and how an artists mind works. This museum gives you an insight in to a wonderful mind like no other museum ever will.